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Splunk Partner in Indonesia

Splunk is a pure-play leader in Big Data, it is a software for search, monitor, and analyze machine data via an interactive web interface. By monitoring and analyzing everything from customer clickstreams and transactions to security events and network activity, Splunk becomes the foundation of Operational Intelligence from almost any machine-generated data. Splunk has been used by more than 9000 corporations worldwide.

Splunk Certified Architect V6

For the past few years Splunk has been awarded in various categories from virtualization, operation, and security

Initially Splunk was a log management software, but today Splunk has evolved into a Big Data platform to build various kinds of applications.

There are more than 700 free Splunk applications available for download, which consist of out-of-the-box monitoring dashboards for most major brands on the market such as: Citrix NetScaler, F5 Networks, Fortigate, Google Maps, Juniper, Microsoft Windows, Nagios, Nessus, Palo Alto Networks, Snort, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Twitter, Unix and Linux, VMWare, Websphere Application Server, and many others.

Splunk is also a platform for custom built application, by using its proprietary Splunk Processing Language the application can leverage the power of Map Reduce to analyze almost any data such as : wire data, web access logs, applications logs , Windows events, filesystem audit logs, SCADA data, sensor data, and various kind of machine data generated by the Internet of Things

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Global Innovation Technology is a Splunk Partner in Indonesia, and have it’s engineers qualified as Splunk Certified Architect V6 in Singapore, and Splunk Certified Sales Engineer V6 in China, to be able to provide the best possible service and consultancy to its customers in Indonesia.


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