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About Us

Global Innovation Technology as an ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology) company, we constantly integrating human, and technology align to our business. We focused to become your most efficient IT solution partner in security, compliance, future telco and e-financial applications.


We aim to be most trusted and valued partner of our clients


Make positive contribution

A Brief History

January, 15th 2007 was the year of our far-reaching know-how and excellence Global Innovation Technology is becoming the best IT Security solution partner, system integrator of Middleware and customer application in the region.
Innovation believe that competency and experience in security and integration is becoming seed of business growth, therefore in the second year on 2008, with confident Innovation was enlarged their business to coverage region customers.


Customer Value

Focusing on satisfying customers with innovative technology and superior quality


Act with honesty and integrity in everything we do


Encourage thoughtful, creative, and inspirational ideas


Develop professionally through expanding our capabilities for great results


Support each of the members make us stronger as a team

Team work

Implementing a supportive and high-functioning member to work as a team