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Identity Management System

Identity Management System (IdM) provides a single product that protects, automates and tracks individuals’ use of account access.

The solution enables companies to centrally manage and audit a pool of user identities, which can be accessed by authorized people within their specific business roles. Identity Management thwarts insider threats by providing controlled access to user credentials.

Take Control Of Internal User's Access

IdM best practice is to control the entire internal user (such as employees, outsourcers, and vendors) in all core applications (such as ERP, CRM, SAP, Core Banking, custom Front End), operating systems (Active Directory, Windows, Unix/Linux, AS/400) and critical perimeters (Access Management, Privileged Management, VPN, Gateway, Firewall, etc). And then IdM can be expanded to control other system such as Card Processing System for PCI-DSS compliance, or Financial systems for SOX compliance, or to any other system (such as email, internet proxy, database, network peripheral, cloud services, etc) for operational efficiency.

The Benefit




Need IdM ?

One Business Day UserID Creation For New Employee

IdM makes it simple to provide and manage access for the new ID.

Paperless Service and Approval

Offers a much higher level of security sensitive data. It also increased efficiency, better organization, and easier access.

Immediate Revoke Access for Ex-Employee

IdM revoke ex-employee access to all application in the company immediately.

The Difference

Try IdM and Feel the Difference


  • Users wait for 3 weeks until their entire UserID is ready to use.
  • Up to 40% of help desk call is related to reset password.
  • In order to get access to new application, a user has submit their requests by paper, approval and work order take a long time for paper-based request like this.
  • When an employee leave the company, IT Administrator needs to manually discover the employees UserID in the entire application since the hiring, mutation, promotion, until the termination day, to properly revoke his/her entire access.
  • Hard to provide reports for IT Security audit purposes, since every application has different report. And usually an employee has different UserID from one application to another.


  • UserID and password will automatically be created when a user is hired on HR system
  • User can reset password by themselves (or on behalf his/her team mate), and the new password will be delivered by email.
  • User can submit their request online, approval can be done via e-mail reply or mobile application, and provisioning is automated by system.
  • When and employee marked as terminated in HR system, IdM will immediately revoke his/her entire access to all application in the company.
  • All reports related with user access list in the entire application can be easily provided by IdM.


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