Single Sign On

Single sign-on (SSO) provides a strong password authentication for accessing all applications.


“Authentication and authorization, password management, compliance and user productivity gains”

Too many password to be remembered. Eliminates lost or forgotten passwords.
User frustration and complaints due to password and security complexity User only needs to remember one strong password. Prevent back-end direct access
User changes all their password with something easy to remember Users gain quick and easy access from any location to maximize productivity to log on to networks, applications, and web sites
People tend to use the same password for all their applications they have
Usually people then use weak passwords like birth date to make them easier to remember.
Too many Helpdesk call. Almost 80% of Helpdesk task is related with password reset due to forget password or account locked.


  • Paperless Self-Service Request
  • Approval Workflow Anytime Anywhere
  • Reduce On-boarding Time
  • Reduce Helpdesk Call to Reset Password

Single sign-on provides a consolidated authentication framework to online Portal deployments. It enables you to externalize security function outside of the enterprise Portal and application infrastructure through scalable single sign-on (SSO) and centralized security capabilities reducing application development costs, expediting the secure implementation of new initiatives, and facilitating compliance reporting and audit processes.