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Mobile App Developement

Mobile App Development seems to be simple in the first place, but it has never been easy when developer is asked to choose whether the Mobile App shall be developed as Native Application, Web Application, or Hybrid Application.  Most of the time, technology selection ends up with 3 difficult questions which are:

  1. Does it compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry?
    • Native App is not compatible one to another, every the application has to be built for each platform
    • Please note that supporting Native App for Android is not simple, since Android has brand fragmentation problem, thus Android is not homogeneous
    • Web App is compatible with all brand
  2. Can it be used offline?
    • Native App can be used offline, but Web App cannot.
    • Web Apps is hard to be used in basement or high rise building, because of signal problem
    • Indonesia has a lot of blank spot, especially in the rural area
  3. Can it access the Camera and GPS?
    • Native App can access Camera and GPS, but most Web App cannot
  4. When deploying a newer version, does the app compatible with the older version?
    • Native App has application compatibility issue, which needs to be addressed in every deployment
    • Web App always has the most recent version, thus it doesn’t have backward compatibility problem

Therefore Global Innovation Technology develops Mobil Application on the top of iSmart Mobile platform to combine the strength of both Native App and Mobile App.  But unlike the Hybrid App (such as PhoneGap) which requires a client-side software to be installed in the mobile device, iSmart Mobile platform doesn’t require it.

Native App
Web App
iSmart Mobile
Can be used offline Yes Yes
Can access GPS Yes Yes
Can access Camera Yes Yes
Can invoke SMS Yes Yes
Can invoke Phone Call Yes Yes
Cross Platform Yes Yes
Agentless Yes Yes
Consistent App Versioning Yes Yes

Our Enterprise Mobile Application which built on iSmart Mobile has proven stability and scalability, has been used nation-wide to reach the rural area as implemented in Micro Banking in Bank Mandiri, and the inclusive financial system “Sistem Informasi Financial Identity Number” in Bank Indonesia for the poor.

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