IT Security Vendor in Indonesia

Global Innovation Technology is an IT Security Vendor in Indonesia which was founded in 2007, and focus in implementing Security solution for major Bank and Telco since the first year.  Global Innovation Technology has implemented broad security solutions such as User Provisioning, Authentication Management, and Security Monitoring, and can be listed as follow:

  1. Identity Management
  2. Identity Federation
  3. Enterprise Single Sign-On
  4. Web Access Management and Multidomain Single Sign-On
  5. Mobile Device Management
  6. Security Token
  7. User Activity Audit and Forensic
  8. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  9. Big Data for Security Analysis

With such broad product, Global Innovation Technology can proudly delivers comprehensive audit compliance (such as PCI-DSS and Sarbanes-Oxley Act) and operational efficiency, and we also support companies which decide to adopt People Centric Security (PCS) which strenghten detection and audit forensic while loosening Role Based Access Control (RBAC), because we believe that PCS is the future of Security in Information Technology.  We can deliver both in software and soft appliance to suit our customer’s need.

IT Security also covers Information Security or InfoSec, within this specific area our main objectives are to protect information from being accessed by unauthorized insiders.   Unauthorized insiders is the most sophisticated threat in IT Security world, because those insiders are valid employees or contractors, they can physically enter the office building, they can plug their computer to the corporate internal network, and they have a valid UserID and Password, but they shouldn’t access information they are not entitled with.  Insider threat is way more sophisticated and hard to predict, that’s why it cannot be addressed by traditional cyber security defense like antivirus, IPS/IDS, and firewall.  Insider threat doesn’t use system vulnerability like trojan, virus, or malware, it rather uses normal communication protocol which well accepted by network, operating system, database, and application.  The most effective way to identity those unauthorized insiders are through well implemented Identity Management (immediate removal of all orphan and unidentified accounts in all perimeters/VPNs, operating systems, databases, and applications), protected with strong authentication, enriched with complete User Activity Forensic, and near real-time cross application correlation with Big Data for Security Analysis.

However, after years of field experiences in various customers, we has formulated a way to simplify both IT Operation and IT Audit while significantly enhancing IT Security and Compliance in the organization.   Identity Management automates enterprise wide user management thus simplify the end-user effort to request new access to application, Single Sign-On reduces the end-user effort to remember many password, User Activity Audit and Big Data Analysis dramatically shorten the trouble shooting time for the entire data center.  That’s why today we can proudly say that our IT Security solutions are people and business oriented.

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