Mobile Surveyor Application

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“Mobile Isn’t Mushy, It’s Measurable.”

Paper based evidence Electronic evidence
Text Based location GPS Location
Text Based Date/Time Server Based Date/Time
Need manual data entry to server Synchronized with Mobile Device


  • Multimedia Evidence
  • Connect directly to database
  • Easy to query data
  • Automatic reporting

Mobile Surveyor Application is a mobile app for surveyor, it simplifies data entry, and it also simplifies the manager’s job to review the surveyor performance.  Mobile Surveyor Application provides non-repudiated evidence  such as :

  1. What did the surveyor see on the field?  The app takes it from the camera.
  2. When did the surveyor see it?  The app takes it from the server’s timestamp.
  3. Where did the surveyor see it? The app takes it from the mobile device GPS.
  4. And a weekly performance report, on what did the surveyor do for the last 7 days.

This mobile application is suitable for businesses that need survey before taking a decision including financial institution and insurance. This application will reduce fraud by adding multimedia evidence as a proof of an agent visiting their customer. Mobile surveyor can be use as a right tool to measure marketing effectiveness, survey data collection and sales monitoring activity..