Disaster Recovery & Server Migration Tools

Migration, Disaster Recovery, Safe Production Test.


“Enterprises can save money, grow revenue, and achieve many other business objectives, in any vertical”

Difficult to setting up DR environment. Only by simple click.
Difficult to do DR Test. You can test it on “production server”.
Difficult to do Failback. Take hour to recover the server.
Can’t test the patch on production server. Simple configuration without need to install the OS, Apps, or DB on the new server.
Take days to recover the server. No need downtime when testing the new server.
Difficult to migrate old physical server to another new physical server. Migration from Virtual to Physical no longger an issue.
Testing the new server also need downtime on primary server. Only need little time for downtime after first replication.
Can’t migrate from Virtual to Physical Server.
Whole migration Physical to Virtual required downtime on primary server.


  • Anywhere-to-anywhere workload migration
  • Faster, more reliable migrations
  • Server sync
  • Live transfer

Add flexibility and agility to your data center by dynamically provisioning new servers (even without OS) and continually optimizing physical and virtual resource.